The interior design industry has a history of wastefulness. However, even seemingly small shifts in thought and action can make a powerful difference in the long run. Carian Design is committed to lessening the environmental impact of our projects at all stages.

Our conservation efforts include:

  • Sourcing furniture and materials locally
  • Buying vintage pieces to mix with new
  • Assisting with donation or sale of clients’ existing furniture
  • Minimizing paper use in the office by sharing documents digitally
  • Aligning with other environmentally-conscious companies to offer clients low-impact options like sustainably manufactured furniture, non-toxic materials with low or no VOCs, and natural fiber textiles
  • Volunteering with local environmental nonprofits
  • Donating $500 after a new contract is signed to a vetted environmental organization such as the The Environmental Defense Fund, California Wildlife Center, or The Ocean Cleanup, based on the client’s preference.